Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Sales Check


  1. Post aus Absurdistan könnte man diesen Beitrag auch nennen. Der Absender scheint ein wenig crazy zu sein, aber mal abwarten vielleicht steckt ja doch ein Konzept dahinter.

  2. Konzept siehe mein blog in den dortigen Anm.

  3. ich koper dir mal das email rein:

    I got an email which I post here, it will explain the story behind:

    Dear Mr. Halbritter,

    I am writing on behalf of Dragoljub Beli Zlaticanin. Beli is a friend of mine, not quite literate but very persistent in his art streaming.

    With the object that he had sent to you, his intention was to raise your interest as a person that might recognize the difference.

    The "bill" is just a symbol that presents where one had been in a particular moment in time. Beli's communication with time - "the bill witnesses the time".

    Having seen this object, upon Beli's request to me to write to you, I also liked it. Born for mailart.

    Beli would like you to send him back some of yours object/s. And, one more thing, he would appreciate if you have info on mailart exhibitions to share that data with him.

    Kind regards and all the best,

    Beli Zlaticanin
    i.e. Megi in his behalf

  4. So many comments are concept enough I think. The (Time) Bill is now on it’s way to Doctor Brignone, Italy.